hazelnuts are nuts and should be stored in a dry place, away from moisture.

The cultivation method is free of phytosanitary treatments and chemical fertilizers.

H for Hazelnut

Hazelnuts are the fruit of the hazelnut tree, grown on Corsica's eastern coast where the climate is very favorable.

It's a member of the oilseed family. The hazelnut consists of a kernel and a shell. Only the kernel is edible. Hazelnuts can be eaten dry or fresh, but either way, they can be eaten raw in hot or cold dishes.

Hazelnuts are perfect in sweet and savory preparations. Perfect in green salads or to accompany cheese, as well as in oil.
It is also the basic ingredient of famous spreads.

Hazelnuts are distinguished by :

  • its clean, woody taste
  • refined, crunchy texture

Organic, Beautiful and Good

Our hazelnuts are organically grown with the greatest care, without any chemical treatment.

Harvesting is entirely manual.

It takes place from September to October.

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Nourishing and satiating, hazelnuts are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E and antioxidants.

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Puntimoso, in Corsica, Our orchards are ideally located on the eastern plain (east coast) to benefit from the best climate and offer excellent quality to our fruit.

Organic farming

Harvesting by hand




away from light



Sac de 25 kg

5 filets de 5 kg/sac
Palette 80 x 120 : 27 colis
Palette 100 x 120 : 27 colis

Carton avec filet de 5 kg

40 x 30 x 15 cm ,
Palette 80/120 : 128 colis
Palette 100/120 : 160 colis

A year in the life of Noisette

Vegetative development

I, the hazelnut, grow at the foot of the mountains, in the midst of luxuriant nature. I'll be harvested in September.


I'm the fruit of indulgence. Just roasted, I delight the taste buds!

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