Lime de Tahiti

Our Tahitian limes grow on the east coast of Corsica's eastern plain. Our climate suits them perfectly.

L for Lime

A dense shrub with large oval evergreen leaves. Its small flowers are white and fragrant. The lime is a cross between a wild citrus fruit from Indonesia and a citron. Célèbre « petit citron vert » connu notamment pour la composition du cocktail « Mojito ».

It becomes yellow and soft as it matures.

Tahitian lime is distinguished by :

  • its intense taste
  • aromatic, thin, green skin
  • very juicy pulp with few seeds
  • its spherical shape


Organic, Beautiful and Good

Nos limes de Tahiti sont cultivées en Agriculture biologique avec le plus grand soin, sans aucun traitement chimique.

Ils mûrissent sur l’arbre.

Harvesting is entirely manual. It takes place from September to October.

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La lime Bio de la Maison Berghman

Tahitian lime or lime is a big hit in exotic cuisine, sorbets, cocktails, ...

Its peels are highly prized in candied fruit.

Lime de Tahiti Bio de la Maison Berghman

Essential information for professionals


Puntimoso, in Corsica, Our orchards are ideally located on the eastern plain (east coast) to benefit from the best climate and offer excellent quality to our fruit.

Organic farming

Harvesting by hand



Calibre, diameter and approximate weight


Ø 58 - 67
+127 g


Ø 53 - 62
105 - 127 g


Ø 48 - 57
87 - 105 g


Ø 45 - 52
67 - 87 g


Ø 42 - 49
35 - 67 g


Vrac Carton 4 kg

40 x 30 x 10.5 cm
Palette 80/120 : 160 colis
Palette 100/120 : 200 colis

Vrac Carton 6 kg

40 x 30 x 16 cm
Palette 80/120 : 104 colis
Palette 100/120 : 130


Antioxidant power

source of vitamin C, B9 and fiber,

very low in calories


15 à 20 jours
between 6° and 8

Les pas beaux

they don't meet the PGI criteria, ... BUT THEY ARE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Ideal for an introductory price.

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cette fiche

Un an de vie de Lime

Développement végétatif​

I'm ripening quietly on my tree. It will be a few months before I can be picked.


The harvest takes place in September and October.
And we're ready!
The pickers wear gloves, there are some nice thorns on my tree!


We are deposited in a bucket and then poured into large paloxes before being transferred to the packaging station.


No false modesty: I'm the king of the Mojito.
I often take first place in exotic cuisine.
In short, I'm a must!

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