Citrus and other organic fruit

Our organic fruit

Organic farming

Toutes nos productions sont conduites dans le respect de l’environnement et sont certifiées selon le cahier des charges AB.

Pour certaines, les clémentines et les pomelos, nous adhérons au label IGP. Une manière de nous engager encore plus fortement en terme de qualité.

Discover our organic fruit

Clementines, pomelos, kiwis, lemons, limes, caviar lemons, oranges, sour oranges, mandarins, citrons, feijoas, kumquats, hazelnuts, ...
All organically produced!


Le fruit d'hiver
Dès janvier

The lime

with an intense taste
Available from September

The grapefruit

IGP, with its yellow colour
available from January

Corsican clementine PGI

à maturité dès octobre

Our kiwis

Its flesh is tender and juicy
November to March

Cultivation calendar

Lime tree
caviar lemon
Bitter Orange

Good Organic Not Beautiful

"You may not be beautiful, oh, oh, oh ... I love you, I love you, I love you!"  
A reference to the Louis Chedid song.

At Maison Berghman, as elsewhere, some of our fruit is not up to standard. They are smaller, misshapen or lack colour. They have a flawed appearance, or the wind or rain has left its mark on the fruit. There are many reasons why they may not meet the ideal criteria. But one thing we're sure of at Maison Berghman is that they're good! And completely edible.

To avoid throwing away good organic fruit, certainly not beautiful, we created a range called "Les Bons Bio Pas Beaux".

An anti-gaspi approach for clementines, lemons, limes, kiwis, pomelos and oranges. You'll find them in the corresponding fruit cards.

Good Organic Not Beautiful, c’est :

A more accessible range in terms of price, for a consumer mindful of his or her purchasing power.

• A clear determination NOT TO GASPILL, for ever more committed agriculture.

- A small window that opens onto a different vision of consumption

And all the while continuing to eat organic!