The long-awaited fruit
available from January

The lime

with an intense taste
Available from September

The grapefruit

IGP, with its yellow colour
available from January

Corsican clementine PGI


Our kiwis

Its flesh is tender and juicy
November to March

Organic fruit production has been a matter of course since 1990

Clementines, lemons, pomelos, kiwis and limes are the historic organic produce of Domaine de Puntimoso.
These are joined by mandarins, kumquats, mineolas, clemenvillas, oranges, periwinkles and hazelnuts. 

Crop diversity guarantees biodiversity.

Commitment to quality

100% committed, 100% organic

The queen of orchards

The bee, of course!

The indispensable ally of our crops


A team, a brand and experience

Maison Berghman agriculteurs Bio Corse

A brand

As farmer-merchants, we cultivate our uniqueness

L'équipe de la Maison Berghman

The Maison Berghman team

Laurence, Dominique, Patrick and Serge

It all starts in the fields

with qualified teams

A 100% organic packaging station

Ongoing investment in people and equipment


we know how essential this aspect of our business is

Le pomelo de corse igp bio est arrivé !


News from Maison Berghman

Here we'll be sharing our news with you! Crop news, of course, and life on the Puntimoso estate,
from production to marketing.
We will keep you informed of our participation in trade fairs ...
See you soon!

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