Corsican clementine PGI

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C comme Clémentine Corse

The Corsican clementine is the emblematic fruit of the Isle of Beauty. It is the only clementine produced in France. Its exceptional terroir stretches between land and sea, on the gentle, sunny slopes of Corsica's eastern plain.

since 2007, it stands out for :

  • its slender green leaves,
  • its orange complexion,
  • smooth, fine, shiny skin
  • and its famous "green arse".

The guarantee of natural ripening on the tree and not in cold storage.

Organic, Beautiful and Good

Our clementines with Corsican leaves are grown organically with the greatest care and without any chemical treatment. They ripen on the tree and reach their orange colour gradually and naturally, without any colouring activators. That's why it's also known as "the little green arse". Harvesting is entirely manual. It takes place between October and January, depending on the variety.

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Its leaves guarantee its freshness.

Sa peau est fine et facile à éplucher. Elles sont dépourvues de pépins et sa coloration est naturelle.

Taste-wise, the Corsican clementine :

  • offers a sweet-tart harmony,
  • Its flesh is dense and very juicy,
  • Its flavour is sweet and fruity.


The fruit of vitality and health, rich in vitamins and minerals, the clementine adds colour to our winters! colour to our winters! Treat yourself and your customers.

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Puntimoso, in Corsica, Our orchards are ideally located on the eastern plain (east coast) to benefit from the best climate and offer excellent quality to our fruit.

Organic farming

Corsican clementine PGI

Harvesting by hand

Orange-red discolouration which may show a surface of the skin of the fruit green



Calibre, diameter and approximate weight


Ø 63 - 68
101 - 150 g


Ø 58 - 63
89 - 101 g


Ø 54 - 58
73 - 89 g


Ø 50 - 54
65 - 72 g


Ø 46 - 50
47 - 65 g


Vrac Carton 6 kg

40 x 30 x 16 cm ,
Palettre 80/120 : 104 colis
Palette 100/120 : 130 colis

Vrac Cagette bois 10kg

50 x 30 x 17 cm ,
Palettre 80/120 : 66 colis
Palette 100/120 : 88 colis

Les clémentines Corse Bio de la Maison Berghman
NEW Trays
500g, 1 et 2 kg

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Rich in vitamin C
(41mg/ 10g),

Juice percentages :
42% minimum,

less than 25 calories/fruit


15 days
between 6° and 8


they don't meet the PGI criteria, ... BUT THEY ARE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Ideal for a bargain price, think about our 0 and 6 size clementines

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cette fiche

Un an de ma vie de Clémentine


Bees love this period: flowering. It's a crucial stage. This is when pollination takes place. I go from being a pretty flower to a pretty fruit.

Vegetative development

It takes a few months from flower to fruit. I need time to become beautiful! The humans on the estate respect this notion of time, and I'm lucky ...


And now I'm ripe. The pickers gently look after me. The harvest, which is entirely manual, takes around 4 months.


You can eat me raw. And in very different ways, too - I have every confidence in your imagination!
In jars with syrup for year-round enjoyment, it's really nice.

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