The yellow lemon is distinguished by :

  • deep yellow colour
  • rough, thick skin
  • intense, juicy fragrance
  • very juicy pulp
  • its variety: Eureka

L for lemon

The intense yellow colour of the Eureka lemon is a good indicator of ripeness. Although the 'Eureka' variety of our lemons is a so-called '4-season' variety, Corsica's mild climate means there is only one harvest a year.

Lemons can be used in a wide variety of interesting ways. Lemons are good for everything:

  • in cosmetology for brightening the skin, anti-wrinkle masks, hair radiance, etc.
  • for the composition of fragrances
  • as a natural antiseptic, anti-fatigue, reduces mouth ulcers...
  • using lemon wood to line the inside of mahogany furniture
  • and, of course, in cooking, which goes hand in hand with fish. The zest is particularly appreciated for flavouring pastries and sorbets.
  • Its peels are used to make candied fruit and fruit jellies.

Organic, Beautiful and Good

Our yellow lemons are grown organically with the greatest care, without any chemical treatment.

They ripen on the tree so you can enjoy the best of their zest! They are harvested entirely by hand. It takes place from December to March.

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The yellow lemon has fewer seeds than the other varieties, is tart and very juicy.

Fruit of vitality and health, rich in minerals, vitamin C and calcium.

Essential information for professionals


Puntimoso, in Corsica, Our orchards are ideally located on the eastern plain (east coast) to benefit from the best climate and offer excellent quality to our fruit.

Organic farming

Harvesting by hand



Calibre, diameter and approximate weight


Ø 75 - 80
230 - 250 g


Ø 70 - 75
190 - 210 g


Ø 65 - 70
170 - 200 g


Ø 60 - 65
125 - 170 g


Ø 55 - 60
100 - 120 g


Ø 50 - 55
70 - 95 g


Ø 45 - 50
< 70 g


Vrac Carton 6 kg sans feuilles

40 x 30 x 16 cm ,
Palettre 80/120 : 104 colis
Palette 100/120 : 130 colis

Vrac Carton 6 kg avec feuilles

40 x 30 x 16 cm ,
Palettre 80/120 : 104 colis
Palette 100/120 : 130 colis

Les pas beaux

they are insufficiently compliant to be in a category.
They may look a bit different... BUT THEY'RE GOOD!

Think about it, because they're ideal for an introductory price.

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15 à 20 jours
between 6° and 8


Rich in minerals and vitamin C,

Lemons contain relatively high levels of calcium

cette fiche

Un an de vie de Citron

Vegetative development

It all starts with my fragrant flower and little by little I become a beautiful Corsican lemon!


It's off on a great trip! I'm hand-picked from December to March.


Off to the grading machine to find out which category I'll be in ...


The fish and I love each other beyond measure.

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