C as in Citron

The citron tree, Citrus medica, is a small, thorny member of the Rutaceae family, particularly suited to the mild winters and temperate summers of Corsica's east coast, and takes its name from the cedar-like scent of its bark. The citron is used to make jams, fruit jellies or a liqueur known as "cédratine", and more rarely in perfumery. The Corsican citron is particularly sought-after for its fine aroma and lack of acidity. Harvesting takes place from October to November.

The citron is distinguished by :
- thick skin
- its soft, slightly juicy green pulp
- its bumpy, oval shape

Organic, Beautiful and Good

Our citrons are grown organically with the greatest care, without any chemical treatments.

They ripen on the tree. Harvesting is entirely manual. It takes place from October to November.

Citron is renowned for its invigorating properties.

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Puntimoso, in Corsica, Our orchards are ideally located on the eastern plain (east coast) to benefit from the best climate and offer excellent quality to our fruit.

Organic farming

Harvesting by hand

Orange-red discolouration which may show a surface of the skin of the fruit green




Vrac carton 10 kg

50 x 30 x 20 cm ,
Palettre 80/120 :  60 colis
Palette 100/120 : 80 colis


15 days
between 6° and 8


Possède des vertus tonifiantes

Riche en vitamines

cette fiche

A year in the life of Cédrat

Vegetative development

Les arbres cédrats de la Maison Berghman

Our harvest takes place in October and November. Before this essential stage, our trees have been pruned, and the vegetative rest has taken place quietly. We were able to blossom and slowly develop into the beautiful fruit we are.


Make marmalade out of me, you'll see how good it is... Be creative, be daring!